Giving Back



Food for Kids

The Food For Kids Pack-a-Backpack program is a Food Bank of Northern Indiana program that the Jordan Automotive Group has embraced over the past few years and has partnered with the Food Bank to bring a simple solution to a basic need that is not adequately met for many Michiana children ? food.

By partnering with local public school systems, teachers and staff, the Food Bank of Northern Indiana, with the backing of Jordan, can identify students who are food insecure and provide them with kid-friendly food that is distributed discreetly at school at the end of each week.

We have dedicated ourselves in raising money and volunteering to help to provide a nutritious, easy-to-prepare weekend food for 1,500 selected students at several Michiana public schools each week during the school year.

How it Works

Food for Kids targets children showing signs of chronic hunger. These children depend on school meals during the week but have little or nothing to eat on weekends. Once identified for the program, the student's parents are sent a permission slip to enroll the student in the program. Then every Friday afternoon, these students discretely receive a bag of food to tuck into their backpacks for the weekend. Each food pack provides food for three to four simple meals, and a few snacks enough so the student returns to school on Mondays ready to settle down in class and learn.

Each child will receive approximately 10 different food items that are nutritious, kid-friendly, shelf-stable and ready to eat with little or no cooking (some might need to be heated in the microwave). The items include two servings each of shelf-stable milk, 100% juices, snacks, whole grain cereal products and entrees. Each week, the food items are delivered by volunteer Jordan Automotive Group employees and dropped off at several area schools.


Each Thursday during the school year, Jordan employees pick up numerous boxes filled with bags of food, place it in our 'Food For Kids' vehicle and personally deliver it to each school we support.

At the school, the School Coordinator removes a bag of food from the box and puts it into a child's backpack on Friday or before a holiday weekend. Using the student's own backpack (or one provided solely for this purpose) helps shield the child from any stigma that might be associated with being hungry or receiving food assistance.

Through the Food For Kids program, we hope that weekends without adequate nourishment are no longer an issue for children in households where sufficient and consistent food supplies fall short of what is needed.

For more information about the Food For Kids Program or how to become a sponsor or donate, please visit the Food Bank of Northern Indiana's website or (574) 232-9986.
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